Friday, 25 December 2015

Say it with tulips

Hello every one we are on this months challenge which is say it with flowers I really enjoyed doing this so come along and see how I created this piece

I used
Spellbinder die /clarity gelli card /clarity the other card /pinflair glue gell
Grunge paste / clarity stencil brushes and make up sponge
masking tape /clarity tulip stencil/ and triangle stencil from clarity club
Distress ink pads pine needles / bundle sage /spun sugar / worn lipstick /barn door aged mahogany /Antique linen  /mustard seed
/clarity dandelion stamp from members club /fox glove members club
lets get started

Cut your die first using clarity gelli card felt this was stronger fix stencil to die cut then using a piece of masking tape cover where your stalks would go on to the lacy edge apply your grunge paste then allow to dry completely

Fix your stencil back over dry grunge paste apply sun sugar then worn lipstick then when satisfied with this add barn door at he base then aged mahogany till you have right depth
same with the leafs and stalk add your lightest colour buy up the darker from the bottom leaving bit lighter on the ends little bit of the red got on my leafs here but felt this made it
then with different parts masked of with notelets I used the dandelion clock in aged mahogany to added texture  then with the pine needles I used the foxglove stamp to add texture to the leafs
with copiers paper I drew  around the in side of the die cut out the middle to use this as my mask then with antique linen and clarity brush I gave the bottom of the flowers gave a shadow
added mask to clarity other card using mustard seed  went all over with stencil brush /then with bundled sage and the brush diagonal went down every other row till I was happy then I turned the stencil around just one part around stuck down then went over with mustard seed again
till I got this effect which I liked I added this to black card then with pin flair glue gell added my tulips so they stood out
hope you enjoyed this as much as I did come see my blog again for the next entry xx

Peace on Earth

Hello everyone this is my second instalment for this month Christmas story hope you enjoy
Clarity theother card /black card
Clarity chain words/ candle /stencil wreath /stencil sun
Distress ink pad mustard seed /bundle sage / forest green/ red door /spiced marmalade / aged mahogany
Adirondak Pitch black
copier paper /promarkers /masking tape
notlets for masks / clarity stencil brushes /make up sponges
Lets make a start

 Put your stencil in place with masking tape using sponge alternate the bundle sage with the red door colour trying to be careful not to overlap the colours then at the bases of the the branches use forest green and aged mahogany  
 till you are satisfied with the outcome
 remove stencil stamp candle then mask
 with copier paper tried to draw the best I could on the edges of the wreath the cut out  the middle so could use this as my mask for the sun
 my next part was a happy mistake I had started to use the stencil but it moved so decided to carry on the turn the sun stencil put another colour in I felt it made this so I started with mustard seed and stencil brush then move the stencil so I could colour the while did this with spiced marmalade felt this added to it then I used promarkers to colour candle then added my chain words with the black ink pad hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have making this thanks for coming

Saturday, 28 November 2015


Hello everyone welcome to my blog this months Clarity challenge is Christmas story I really enjoyed doing this piece my only trouble was got so carried away missed a few photos so please for give me so I will give you details of what I used to make this below
Clarity theother card
Collall glue
Promakers /post it notes
Clarity stencil brushes/ masking tape
Adirondack ink pads black/Raspberry /misty lake
Distress ink pads peeled paint / bundled sage /peacock feathers
Clarity stamps chain words / bells /Cabin / Pine trees / sprig stamp
Moon Mask  /  hill mask /bell stencil

 Lets get started go around the very edge of card with masking tape  I placed my bells first then cut out post it note mask this then place your bell stencil using masking tape
 put hill mask in place stamp the cabin over this so it shows the snow built up in front found if the reply the stamp straight to note let you get the image that you need to cut out so you don't need to struggle trying to get the hill cut out then reapply your hill mask so you can add your hills using Raspberry ink stencil brush lightly add colour then with make up sponge using feathered peacock lightly add around the mask and at the bottom then moving mask up repeat but doing slightly lighter as this will make your picture look like your hills are in the back ground  for the sky using Peacock feathers and stencil brush put your sky in take mask off run your brush lightly through the moon with make up sponge go around the edges of the stencil to darken the sky just add light dusting of the Raspberry stamp in black your trees

 draw through the stencil on post it notes so you have a mask to colour your scene so far clean and reapply stencil where you want the second bell stamp you chain words then with brushes and sponge apply your colour don't forget to colour in the bottom of the bells  using promarkers colour the cabin leave bit of the roof for the snow apply glitter with glue using peeled paint stamp in the sprigs then go around again with the bundled sage using a brush go around the out side of the card with misty lake till desired look then with fine point black promarker put decal line around to finish this  hope you enjoyed this card hope you have as much fun as I did

Thursday, 29 October 2015


Welcome to my blog cant believe another month has gone past already well this months challenge is CLEAN AND SIMPLE well I thought these stamps together would be nice not used the boarder stamp enough so here we are hope you enjoy
Teal card/ Clarity othercard
Collall glue
promarkers / Adirondack black ink pad
Distress ink pad weathered wood
Clarity stencil brush / Clarity stamps Morning has broken
flower boarder stamp
Promarker fine tip / notelets for masking

 with the white clarity card I stamped the sentiment I found it easier to do this sentiment in sections it is possible to do this with all on the handle but found this easier
 Add the flower corner stamp, do love this stamp
 now place notelets to mask the area you don't want to receive colour using your stencil brush weathered wood ink you need a light covering wipe off excess of on paper first can all ways add more
 With your fine point and the black promarker draw in the rest of the box around the sentiment leaving enough room to stamp in your bird, With yellows orange and green promarkers colour your flowers with a happy mistake in the end I cut around this piece leaving just a little boarder then applied with glue to the teal card hope you enjoyed this as much as I have.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

 Hello everyone here we are another month gone by this month we are doing Clarity Stencils Challenge
well my thought on this one was to show you that you don't just have to use the stencils with ink they can be used with a number of mediums well I have chosen grunge paste which I can say is easier to use than you would think took me a while to try now  love the stuff also wanted to show that its easier than you think to put a picture into the middle of a wreath stencil  so now lets get on  how I did this

Grunge paste /Clarity Gelli plate card stock
Distress inks Pine/iced spruce /black/cloudy sky's/ mustard seed/shabby shutters/crushed olive
Copie paper /pencil /craft knife Clarity stencil olive branch
Clarity stamps Kingfisher and branch/ sentiment stamp
Clarity brushes / promarkers /sponges /hills mask /masking trape

Well here we are I placed the stencil on the copie paper to draw the middle but because that is filled in I found the best way was do draw in pencil around the leaves and branches in this area take your craft knife and cut around these parts so your stencil shows that the middle is the piece that you would like place your stencil back over to see if this worked normally when I do this sort of design I would have inked the stencil first but once grunge paste is used will be raised but would still have masked the same way
 So its the other piece of the mask you want to cover the background make sure before putting on card you have it facing the desired direction with the stencil first
 Now Stamp you Kingfisher and braches into place I used the branch the other side of the kingfisher as well to add a little bit more so we can add the branch through the  king fisher not on the branch quiet at the moment I drew in later with promarker so branch was under him
 With brush and distress ink cloudy skies I brushed in the sky
Then apply mask for the hills starting at the bottom using brush and sponge mixture of peel paint and bundled sage distress inks add your hills remember the higher you get the lighter the colour must be for your perspective 

 Take the mask off colour you kingfisher in add the branch with black promarker
 now for grunge paste line up your stencil with the middle picture secure with masking tape run your grunge paste through take off carfully put a side till completely dry
 now the fun part place your stencil back over the image should fit in place easy secure with masking tape again  using your lighter brighter colours first with sponges I left the ends the lightest colours giving depth and shade to the inner parts of wreath I used mustard seed crushed olive shabby shutters and iced spruce

 I think at this point it was enough
then I added my sentiment in the corner with distress pine went around the edge of card with promarker with the chisel end but gave it very slight wiggle did not want the line perfect hope you all enjoyed this I must admit I did xxx

Monday, 24 August 2015

Hello everyone here we are another month gone by we are at the shaped card challenge had planned to do something more for this one but am struggling with my hands so have gone for this instead which I can say I am happy with so hope you all enjoy as well
Clarity Gelli plate card
Clarity Thank you stamps / bouquet stamp
Adirondack Egg plant ink pad
copy paper
spellblinders large dies
Calbur machine
Score board /Craft Knife

Lets get started I put this die through my machine twice to cut two circles one for the front
and the back

 Using the egg plant ink pad which I feel gives this imagine a nice colour different from the black which felt would be to dark so stamped the thank you

Taking a piece of copy paper I drew with pencil inside the circle of die and with knife cut the middle out so I could use this as a mask as did not want the flowers to stamp onto the frilly edge

 Place this over the image using masking tape at the back to keep the mask in place

 again using the egg plant stamp the flowers around the edge and the rest of the sentiment

with your other circle put the two cards together so that the right sides to the dies are on the out side match up the pattern edge then just mark on the white circle which will be the back where you would like your score so card will open so that they will match up at the end you can rub this out after

 Then scoring down this edge both sides this will make your opening and allow your card to stand

 Using my Promarkers I have shaded the flowers using yellows and oranges two different greens for leafs to give you a good shading with Aubergine Promarker with the fine nib work wavy lines through the thank you then highlighted the thank you with lemon promarker to make this pop

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did thank you for stopping by hope you enjoy this month's challenge

Friday, 31 July 2015


Welcome to my blog here we are again another month gone by so we are on the theme Bingo this is my take on this I had a lot of frustrating times on this one due to taking photos I found it impossible to get it just spot on with its size and light reflection on the black card and embossing so hope you like what I have done
List of equipment
Clarity Black coated card
The other card / lilac card
Texture stamps /sentiment stamps/ Rose and small fern stamps
Stencil /perfect pearls/gold embossing powder
powder duster /ribbon/pinflair glue gel
distress ink pad Black /Mustard/Barn door/Bundle sage
Spiced Marmalade/ salty sea /aged mahogany/ antique linen
Adirondac Denim /Raspberry/  Egg plant
Heat gun / masking notelets
micron black pen number 1
Gems/ clarity ink brushes

 so with the other card I dusted it with my powder pad you can use talc stamped in the clear pad applied gold embossing powder making sure got rid of all the specks first then using my heat gun brought the embossing up once it had cooled put between something heavy as it curled   out as
 Now I put the roses in at these spots the masked them so that they were the ones that stood out as I want to decoupage these also stamp 8 extra to decoupage the main roses
 once I have  put all the roses in masked them I used my fern stamp with bundle sage green ink pad then with brush went around the roses with antique linen till desired look
 with promakers I have coloured the roses in turn so they are all matched together then colour your roses that you put to the side I have done this many a time with this rose stamp cut out the middle section curve with your fingers then apply a pea size of pinflair glue gel to the under side and place on top of the roses
 Then Back with lilac card
hope this shows you a bit more of the decoupage was unhappy that it does not show quite how much this once has come up
 right with the black card run over with powder bag or talc do not want any finger marks or the perfect pearls will stick to this
 I stamped the Elephant in the middle first and applied the gold then lightly brushed it away then the same with the sentiments again in gold then the flourishes I did in white brushed off lightly
 Put to once side for about ten mins then with very soft tissue I polished this and backed it with the lilac card
 The Elephant stencil I started at the bottom with a sponge in the salty sea blue then blended with the mustard then into spiced marmalade then red barn door then into the raspberry for the trunk I went around each section with the marker pen  then with the texture stamp I worked from the bottom up in the darker colours was intending to zedtangle but this came to me thought was a different effect
 Applied my sentiment in egg plant and used Aubergine promarker to do my doodle around the out side then I used gems with pin flir as I wanted that Indian look to this card
 Then applied the lilac backing card I used a length of ribbon used double sided taped to apply these three  applied a bow at the top   hope you have enjoyed this thank you for taking the time to look at my blog