Sunday, 24 July 2016

Letzcraft: Escape for the day

Letzcraft: Escape for the day: Hello every one this my  second part of Clarity challenge which is A DAY OUT this is what I came up with but I will apologise now the photo...

Escape for the day

Hello every one this my  second part of Clarity challenge which is A DAY OUT this is what I came up with but I will apologise now the photos bit dark when this one came to me was quite late at night decided had to start it their and then  so I will now get on tell you what I used

Clarity theother card / black card
Clarity tree stencil from clarity stencil club /sprig plate
Clarity Safari  animals /Clarity Letter box stamps
Clarity stencil brushes / make up sponge  /Adirondack Pitch black / willow ink pad
Distress ink pads /stormy sky's /Bundled sage /rusty hinge
Pro markers
Clarity masks clouds  / hills / masking tape

Lets get started

I used masking tape to edge the card then place stencil in middle card stick down masking tape
with stencil brush and cloudy skys brush give you darker  edge where you need this

Now with your cloud mask and sponge add the clouds when you are happy with this

with hill mask and brush bundled sage add the hills from bottom up but the higher I got I change to using the sponge as this gives you the lighter in between still not quite happy so added just a touch of the rusty hinge to the tops with sponge Then use  the rusty  for the leaves To do the grass under the stencil I drew around the stencil on copy paper so to use this as a mask and used the brush and bundled sage
Now happy with this I put stencil back on and added my animals in black ink pad

With kitchen roll I screwed it up dabbed this in my willow ink dabbed around the edges of card till I was happy add the rest of my animals ripped a piece of copy paper did shadow under each animal did not want them to look like they are floating For the words I started in the middle with go so it was central. Take off the rest of masking tape with fine point on my black promarker did squiggle line around the work colour in the rest with promarkers  hope you enjoyed this thank you for visiting my blog hope to see you back again soon

Friday, 1 July 2016

Letzcraft: Up up and away

Letzcraft: Up up and away: Hello everyone can't believe we are in July already. This months Clarity challenge is A DAY OUT which will give you so many possibility...

Up up and away

Hello everyone can't believe we are in July already. This months Clarity challenge is A DAY OUT which will give you so many possibility's I thought a nice balloon theme but got to admit would not catch me in one of these, Also will admit to  you  that when I started this piece I had no plans where I was going with this card so some parts I worked backwards.  well I think I'm talking to much lets proceed

Clarity Groovi system / Mini groovi system from Clarity groovi club
 Sprig plate /Landscape plate
Perforating straight plate /Square plate /min round plate / Birds plate  for the cottages
Black parchment  board soft one side hard the other /Parchment scissors
Parchment tools
Clarity stamps  Balloons large medium
Faber Castell polychrome colour pencils/Gems
Clarity parchment clear / Versa magic white ink pad
Navy card /Turquoise paper / pinflair glue gel

Lets get started

Using the white ink and balloon stamps in the middle of parchment then put this a side for at least half an hour so as to make sure completely dry the side you have stamped will be the right side of your work

Now on the reverse of the parchment use tumble drier sheet so you tools will glide
Put the square plate in the groovi system I put a oblong around the balloons by just extending the square buy moving the parchment up and down makes it versatile I made slight mistake I was trying to be clever doing the boarder at the same time so I put squares in each corner which I feel made this

now I put in the Landscape and the sun leaving gap at the bottom for your cottages from bird plate

Then it where what do I do now so the large circles at the side of the oblong with small groovi and circle plate start with top Circle add boarder to this as well then do the bottom one so as it matches up with the oblong then add third so sits between the two repeat the other side. at this stage thought cant leave the top like that so with the smallest circles and boarders added them top and bottom. The middle circle I put the sprig plate in added this now with the small groovi system added the ups to the four circles And put in the rest of the words. Now with big groovi and perforating plate And embossing tool and still the reverse side of the parchment you can make the dots in every up circle  hope with out perforating . then turn over parchment so as front is face up and with your perforating tool do the four holes in the squares of oblong  and cut your crosses with your parchment scissors

Now take your black Clarity board turn it to the soft side use your biggest embossing tool and lightly do your white areas don't press to hard or do to much at a time rest this in-between so it does not buckle then when you go back in to whiten again use slightly smaller tool still don't press to hard
Now with the colouring you will need to work from the back but you also need the hard side of your board to colour in. When I finished I trimming the piece back and attached to turquoise paper with pinflair glue gel in each corner only so wont show through glued gems in these corners and glued all this to main navy card I do hope you enjoyed this and give you some ideas thank you for joining me hope I see you again soon