Sunday, 29 January 2017


Hello everyone we are in February already time fly's this months Clarity challenge theme is FLOWER POWER this is my card for this project. A rose for Jayne I think its fitting for Jayne such a lovely lady that has gone way before her time. So I decided a single rose in the heart stencil I will list what I have used below  

Clarity stencil card
Adirondak pitch black / distress ink pad antique linen
Clarity stencil brush /make up sponge /pinflair glue gel
Clarity heart stencil / masking tape
Clarity Jayne rose stamps / Clarity Birds and flourishes stamp set

Lets get started

Attach stencil to stencil card using masking tape Using black ink pad stamp the rose give good push down in the areas where the stencil is so imprints well mine was bit missed out but I drew it in with fine point promarker

I also stamped on to spare card for my decoupage

I only wanted faint colour to fill around the edges of heart so with my brush and linen pad  add till happy then with make up sponge bring in the colour from stencil

Now I stamped  cherish in. Using promarkers I coloured in the rose and flowers
Colour the rose that you have on the scrap card now cut part of this flower that you want I have put really close up picture so you can see what I have done

once cut with this piece between finger and thumb give gentle moulding  with pinflair glue gel add blobs  to the reverse of this piece now add to the rose but don't squash
Well hope you enjoyed my card demo thank you for visiting my blog

Saturday, 28 January 2017


Hello Everyone we are in January already how time fly's this month Clarity challenge is ANIMAL KINGDOM I thought I would have a go at groovi book mark hope you like this will put in the details what used in this project below

Clarity powder blue parchment
Clarity groovi humming birds plate / straight pricking plate
Clarity started groovi kit /Alphabet picture frame plate
Squares plate
Tumble drier sheet / parchment scissors / parchment tools /Pricking tool
Faber castell poloychromo colour pencils /groovi sticky tags
Fine strong double sided tape /teal card
Clarity Light box with white pricking mat

Lets get started

Use the tumble drier sheet on the side of the parchment that you are working so your tools will glide make it easier to do. can I just say before we start that you do your line art white work colouring on reverse of parchment any pricking and cutting out is on the front side of parchment
So I have started here with my picture frame plate attach your parchment with Sticky tag you will have to do one side of the  plate the three lines then you work out how big you would like this to been move the parchment around to meet how big you want this

Now with the letter and boxes for the name use the Clarity starter kit
Put your humming birds  in the place you want add some of the trumpet flowers now when you are satisfied with this I put square plate in put the point of the inner boarder of the corner parchment use the line you have room to add your triangle do the same all four corners  

Gradually do your white work on the soft side of your board very gentle strokes with resting in between  have cup tea come back or your work will buckle don't press to hard or try to do to much this point I did the colouring in with faber castell pencils let it rest again I went in again with white work
With pricking plate in placed the parchment to that I could prick the inner triangle. With parchment scissors prick four corners out

Now with pricking plate I went around the out side of book mark with pricking tool   

Now snip out the edge of book mark and allow your parchment to rest before doing any more left mine over night

Sorry this picture was taken before let rest over night before mounting on to teal base card using the double sided tape on the  coloured areas in small pieces only hope you enjoyed this piece work thank you for visiting my blog x

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Hello every one cant believe we are in 2017 already this months Clarity challenge is ANIMAL KINGDOM  this is my piece for this challenge I will list the items I used below

Gallery watercolour card
Clarity stencil card
black card to mount
Clarity circle stencil
Clarity Owl stamps and mask / material field mask / cloud mask
Clarity sentiment stamp / clarity wee stamps
Ken Oliver colour bursts earth tones
Adirondack pitch black ink pad / denim / egg plant
Distress ink pad peeled paint / Artistry Avocado ink pad
Clarity stencil brushes / promarkers
Pinfair glue gel /  masking tape
Spellbinders die /calibur die machine
Old plate /fine brush / larger brush /kitchen roll
Versafine vintage sepia ink pad

So lets get started

Using water colour card put your die through machine
Was going to make a mask to go around the pattern but found circle stencil fitted just right put a piece of masking tape under card to attach to stencil Now stamp your owls with sepia ink pad

Put mask on owls but lifted the stencil first so that the mask is under stencil
don't make card to wet but with a bigger brush and the blue powder mix on  your pallet did not want colour completely even so dabbed it on then dabbed of parts with kitchen roll so I had a patchy look  then decided to take off the stencil  make blue slightly darker to go around the out side of the owls again if to much dab with paper towel

allow the blue to dry or colours will mix  with sepia yellow orange powders put on my plate with lot less water painted my owls

I used few of my promakers when this had dried to define areas
Now got my ink pads out went over the sky with denim with stencil brush
with my field mask I put peeled paint in

Now with the stencil card masked around the edges I added sky with denim and eggplant till desired effect added my sentiment was not happy with sky so used my cloud mask using egg plant ink and a sponge then thought need to add clouds to the sky of my owls

After doing sky decided needed some more colour around owls and parts of the owls

With field mask add hills with peeled paint and use you wee stamp with avocado ink but in-between each one blot and plot so have a shadow image now with the masking tape off I used a fine tip on my black promarker to finish of the edging I mounted this onto black card then added my owls using pinflair glue gel to give it a raised look hope you enjoyed this thank you for visiting my blog x