Sunday, 1 October 2017


Hello everyone this months Clarity Groovi Challenge is WINTER FLORALS I thought I would get Jaynes lovely poinsettia  plate out for this so nice to build them up which I have done here I will put list below of what I used to make this project

Clarity starter groovi kit
Groovi Border frame plate /boarder nested tags plate
Boarder perforating plate
Jaynes poinsettia plate
A4 Nested circles and frilly frame plate
Clarity A6 frame plate
Clarity light box
Double side fine tape / Clear foam tape
Perforating tools /snips /  embossing tools /Black board
Clarity Summer parchment / Normal parchment
Faber castell polychromo colour pencil /Tumble drier sheet

Before I start if you are new to parchment just few tips use a tumble drier sheet on the side of the parchment that you will be doing your scoring this will help your tools glide use this side for  white work use the soft side of the board for white work and a soft mat for your perforating which is done on the front of your work snipping on the front as well. when using the coloured parchment  your white work and scoring on the brightest shine side

With the A4 circle score your circles

On normal parchment do two full images of the poinsettias . I used scrap parchment to make the levels of the flowers I made four
to your frame add your ferns every other one
make your tag with the centre of the parchment this is where I changed thing did not think the merry Christmas showed enough so I did another centre piece of the tag and added the letters from the A6 plate frame. With the perforating plate and no 1 tool I added dots to the boarder of my tag
With perforating mat and two pin tool went around my frame and tag

Add coulr to the poinsettias and the frame now perforate the flowers

With the parchment scissors or snips that I use picot all your pieces I added my frame with the double sided tape on the berries to the base card then poinsettias  now build up your flowers using the transparent foam tape hope you enjoyed this thank you for visiting my blog

Winter Pancy Box

Hello everyone this months Clarity stamp and stencil challenge is WINTER FLORALS my idea for this was last Christmas was given this box with truffles in thought keep that for my stash might come in handy which now has give you a list below what I used to make this lets get started

Box to decorate
white tissue paper /Clarity the other card
Distress ink pad wild honey / sage green
Adirondak pitch black ink pad
Pinflair glue gel / MOD PODGE matte glue
Glamour dust crystal / old course nail file
Anitas 3D clear gloss finish /Promarkers
Clarity Pansy stamp from the set of multi flower stamps
Clarity leaf stamp from Jaynes rose set  
old paint brushes for glue and varnish

  Shown pictures of this from top and side so you can see what I have done
With the base of the box ruff it up with the old file wipe off the dust rub the Green ink pad over it leave to dry
white tissue paper scrunch few layers brush the lid with the Mod glue add the tissue then go over with the glue again put a side to dry

Now stamp multiple pansy's and Leaves

Box is dry so distress it with the  honey ink pad add straight to the tissue paper

Colour your flowers and leafs with promarkers colour just past the flower and leafs so when you cut out if you miss a bit not got white card left behind

With pin flair glue and cocktail stick add blobs of the it on the bottom of the flowers mount them up till your are happy don't press them down as you want some height then again with one layer of the leaves around the pansy's wait till dry need to put work on old paper so don't splash any think that don't want to ruin
With an old plate brush mix water with the 3d gloss just to thin it slightly brush all over the flowers leaves and tissue paper then very lightly while still wet sprinkle the glamour dust over the flowers hope you enjoyed what I have made Thank you for visiting my blog xx

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Letzcraft: Forever flowers

Letzcraft: Forever flowers: Hello everyone this months Clarity  stamp and stencil challenge is ALL THINGS JAYNE NESTORENKO what some lovely designs Jayne came up with...

Letzcraft: Roses

Letzcraft: Roses: Hello everyone this month Clarity Groovi challenge is ALL THINGS JAYNE NESTORENKO so I chose Jaynes lovely rose for this wanted to show a b...

Friday, 1 September 2017


Hello everyone this month Clarity Groovi challenge is ALL THINGS JAYNE NESTORENKO so I chose Jaynes lovely rose for this wanted to show a bit more of the parts I have struggled with the picot and cutting as I am still learning myself hope you enjoy this will put list of the stuff I have used

Clarity parchment
Clarity Groovi Jaynes roses plate
Clarity groovi Jayne frame plate
 Groovi Tina A4 square Flowers and butterfly plate
Groovi starter kit
Groovi border perforating plate
 Clarity groovi boarder plate Henna / banner boarder plate
Grovi boarder plate holder
Black groovi board /
 tools snips two pin perforating tool / single perforating tool
Thin double side tape / faber castell poyochromo colour pencils
New England fall papers /Tumble drier sheet

Before we start use tumble drier sheet on the side you do all your white work and scoring as this will help your tools glide so this is the reverse side of parchment  you use the front side of your work for perforating and snipping out  soft side of board for perforating and white work hard side scoring and colouring hope this helps

Lets get started just score the out sides of the frame of the plate

Add your rose to the centre of the frame

Add Happy birthday from the frame plate
Back using the rose plate again I added roses and leaves around the inside of the plate But not around the Happy birthday

Using boarder holder  plate I added the shape from Henna boader plate to the out side of the frame
Now with the banner border plate I put part of it to fit in around the roses

Now  your white work a little at a time be patient don't do to  much  at a time other wise will  buckle the parchment Then add colour on the reverse but on a hard side of the board. Now with the no 1 tool  and perforating  Boarder plate add dots to the corner I'm afraid I made mistake so got Tina plate out of flowers and made a moth to put over this part we learn by our mistakes

Now to the part I find hard with the two pin perforating tool and your parchment facing the front go around your flowers and leaves and around the outside of the banner and in between the shapes on the outside of frame you can also do around the  very edge I use the snips I find this easier than the scissors but what you get on with is the best I did my picot cutting around the flower first then using fine double sided strong tape added to my papers hope you enjoyed this thank you for visiting my blog

Forever flowers

Hello everyone this months Clarity  stamp and stencil challenge is ALL THINGS JAYNE NESTORENKO what some lovely designs Jayne came up with I decided on my work for this I would have a go at water colour for a change using the colour bursts can I apologise that some of my photos are up side down it is a new phone great one but been having trouble with the soft wear  I will put a list of what I used below

Water colour card
Ken Oliver colour bursts
Paint brush water / plate mix colours / paper towel
Letraset aqua markers
Versafine permanent Onyx black
Clarity sentiment stamp 
Clarity stamps Jaynes Dahlias
Distress ink pad tumble glass/ Clarity stencil brush

Lets get started

 With the permanent ink I Stamped the flower in the middle first so that could just fit the other two flowers in the corners with no problems

Now add the butterfly and the sentiment

I used the blue first mixed the colour burst on my plate only use a little powder goes a long way made it watery can always add more dabbed my paint brush around. at times I used kitchen roll if  its to wet or to dark dab the card  I carried on with this it felt had enough then added bit red to the blue did the same again

to the lower end of the card was  more red but still watery
 Now with fine paint brush and the colour bit more intense, colour in the flowers and leaves once I got this done felt just needed a bit more so I used the aqua makers to add shade to the flowers once completely dry.  use stencil brush and tumble glass ink pad went around the out side of the card felt this added a bit more to the card hope you enjoyed this card thank you for reading my blog.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Letzcraft: My Garden Party

Letzcraft: My Garden Party: Hello everyone well we are in August already this months Clarity challenge is GARDEN PARTY my thought to this was lots of flowers hope you e...