Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Letzcraft: Hello everyone this months Clarity Stamp and Stenc...

Letzcraft: Hello everyone this months Clarity Stamp and Stenc...: Hello everyone this months Clarity Stamp and Stencil challenge is to use CLARITY  DESIGN PAPERS this was what I came up with will put list ...

Letzcraft: Birds

Letzcraft: Birds: Hello everyone another month gone by already well this months Clarity groovi challenge is CLARITY DESIGNER PARCHMENT well I used both here ...

Friday, 1 December 2017


Hello everyone another month gone by already well this months Clarity groovi challenge is CLARITY DESIGNER PARCHMENT well I used both here parchments and papers lets see what you can come up with will put list of what I used here below

Clarity Northern lights papers
Clarity Indian summer parchment
Clarity starter kit
Clarity groovi Jaynes frame plate
Clarity light box
Clarity groovi Tina  A4 square Henna corners 2 plate
Clarity Feathered friends and willowy wreath plates
Pergamano purple embossing sheet
Tools embossing / perforating / snips / Tumble drier sheet
Promarkers /

Let get started  On the shiny bright side of the parchment rub over with tumble drier sheet so tools will glide on this same side do your scoreing with the plates and no1 tool I started by doing the outside of the plate with frame plate and just the corners of the inside as I wanted to judge where to put the wreath

So add the wreath  using starter kitthen you cane go back in with your frame plate get it back in the grrovs to finish this part
Add your birds I did extend the branch a bit

Off the frame plate add sentiment and put three circles either side using Tinas Henna plate I used the part of the design for the outside off this plate and again inside the frame surprising what you can find off each plate

Do you white work remember little at a time will go white add  colour my work I used promarkers

With perforating mat  on the light box perforate from the front of the work. Perforate  around each leaf and around the birds around the outside of design

 I did my picot around the outside first then did the insides where delicate last

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Thank you for visiting my blog x 

Hello everyone this months Clarity Stamp and Stencil challenge is to use CLARITY  DESIGN PAPERS this was what I came up with will put list below of what I used to make this
Clarity sweet dream papers
Design club flower stencil
masking tape / sticky notelets
Atistry ink pads from lime kiss set
Adirondack Eggplant ink pads make up sponges
Clarity stencil brushes

Lets get started with my sweet dream paper I cut it down to my desired size with masking tape I attached the stencil to the paper

 use post it notes to cover the parts that did not want to get my green on now using sponge I added my colour till I was happy

Now start with the Fancy Fuchsia from artistry ink pads using sponge cover the flowers then change to Groovy grape then when you are happy add Egg plant I gave this a lot on the edges as I wanted a crisp look add some to the leaves felt this gave it a good look

Now with stencil brush add some colour with egg plant around the outside but if your ink pad is new make sure don't put to much on then finish by rubbing the ink pad it self around the outside of the picture and then mount. Hope you enjoyed this thank you for visiting my blog

Friday, 3 November 2017

Fun Christmas

Hello everyone this months Clarity stamp and stencil challenge is CHRISTMAS my thought to this was lets do something other than a card so I got my die machine out lets make a wall plaque I will put list of stuff I used to make this
Grand calibre die cutting machine
Spell binders largest circle dies
Ribbon /distress ink pads antique linen
Adirondack ink pads Pitch black / Denim blue
Clarity stencil brushes /Clarity hill masks
Clarity Jaynes Christmas stamps
Glue pen / Glamour dust /promarkers
Clarity A4 theother card
Dish to draw around
Pinflair glue gel/ poky tool

Lets get started


I used the two largets circle dies one in side the other put the other card through the machine

Now with stencil brush and antique ink brushed over to give a vintage look
With a bowl I drew around on another piece of A5 the other card as did not have a die that was big enough to fit between
I did my first stamp using the black ink Added the child and masked her

Put my snow man in so looked behind child

Stamped two of the back ground on scrap the other card and the child and snowman I put this a side

with blue ink and stencil brush  I added the sky brushed over parts where felt needed highlights then with hill mask put it in areas around snow man and child just to give very faint mounds of snow more blue towards the bottom even as I'm putting the ring around parts
With promarkers colour your stamped areas and the pieces you put to the side

I cut out different sections of the  extra stamped pieces so the top one would have les to it than the one below snow man I did the hat scarf face snow man put all theses together with pinflair glue gel leaving to dry once dry I added glue pen to the areas I wanted the dust give good shake after. with a pokey tool I put a whole in the top of this but making sure would not be shown once put ring on

To add ring I used big blobs of Pinflair glue gel but if you have foam tape will work mounted this put a side to dry when I was happy completely dry add your ribbon well I hope you enjoyed this Thank you for visiting my blog

We Three Kings

Hello everyone this months Clarity groovi  challenge is CHRISTMAS my idea was  these stamps I bought to make cards for a friend so thought would stamp them on to the Indian summer, but I do have to confess that I stamped this with permanent ink, left all day; thought lets get going - got quite a bit of the work done but, whats all this black - it had smudged and completely ruined  it all. So I started again; we are only human, mistakes do happen, I say. Hopefully we learn by them so wanted to do exactly the same but messed up so instead of starting g again I did it different, You will notice the corners are different but with the stamping I used embossing powders instead; I was so cross with myself that forgot to take another lot of photos  so I will put a list of what I used below
Clarity starter groovi kit
Groovi A5 circles
Landscape plate
Nested scallop circle plate
Tina Henna corners 2 plate
A4 Nested circles frilly frame plate
Indian summer parchment
Clarity stamps we three kings and verse
Northern lights papers
Tolls perforating / ball tools / snips
Clear embossing powder /heat gun
Versafine onyx black ink pad /talcum powder
Tumble dryer sheet
Clarity light box
Soft mat or pergamano purple mat

Lets get started

With the brightest shiniest side of your parchment rub your tumble dryer sheet and the filly circle plate put your ring in place


Now with your parchment on the front sprinkle bit of talc and with clean brush take the talc off. with Versamark ink pad stamp your images heat emboss but do be careful not to hold the gun to close

Now back to the reverse side of parchment  and the nested scalloped circles add your 4 circles
Add another lot of circles inside the other add scallops to the inside of them then two opposite corners add the scallops edge the other two I took the design off the Henna plate do the edging around the other two circles  with the big circle floral on henna plate add part of it between your circles Now with starter kit and landscape add your sand dunes

on the reverse of parchment and your soft side of mat do your white work but be very patient it will become white do some let it rest come back just keep resting between whitening it be worth it in the end

With perforating tools and mat perforate your holes all around the outside of image then inside your circles With my snips I did my picot edge around the out side first then I did the inner circles now I mounted it onto northern lights paper  hope you enjoyed this thank you for visiting my blog

Sunday, 1 October 2017


Hello everyone this months Clarity Groovi Challenge is WINTER FLORALS I thought I would get Jaynes lovely poinsettia  plate out for this so nice to build them up which I have done here I will put list below of what I used to make this project

Clarity starter groovi kit
Groovi Border frame plate /boarder nested tags plate
Boarder perforating plate
Jaynes poinsettia plate
A4 Nested circles and frilly frame plate
Clarity A6 frame plate
Clarity light box
Double side fine tape / Clear foam tape
Perforating tools /snips /  embossing tools /Black board
Clarity Summer parchment / Normal parchment
Faber castell polychromo colour pencil /Tumble drier sheet

Before I start if you are new to parchment just few tips use a tumble drier sheet on the side of the parchment that you will be doing your scoring this will help your tools glide use this side for  white work use the soft side of the board for white work and a soft mat for your perforating which is done on the front of your work snipping on the front as well. when using the coloured parchment  your white work and scoring on the brightest shine side

With the A4 circle score your circles

On normal parchment do two full images of the poinsettias . I used scrap parchment to make the levels of the flowers I made four
to your frame add your ferns every other one
make your tag with the centre of the parchment this is where I changed thing did not think the merry Christmas showed enough so I did another centre piece of the tag and added the letters from the A6 plate frame. With the perforating plate and no 1 tool I added dots to the boarder of my tag
With perforating mat and two pin tool went around my frame and tag

Add coulr to the poinsettias and the frame now perforate the flowers

With the parchment scissors or snips that I use picot all your pieces I added my frame with the double sided tape on the berries to the base card then poinsettias  now build up your flowers using the transparent foam tape hope you enjoyed this thank you for visiting my blog