Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Garden Invite

Hello everyone this months Clarity challenge is GARDEN PARTY this is what I came up with for this I will leave a list of what I used to make this below
Clarity Stencil card
Clarity groovi club Butterfly plate
Andirondack pitch black /Raspberry/ peach bellini
Distress ink pad / tumble glass Mustard seed/ spiced Marmalade /peeled paint
Promakers fine tips
Faber castell poychromo colour pencils
Brighton rock papers
Clarity stamps Numbers / Letterbox  sentiments stamps
Masking tape / make up sponge
Clarity stencil brushes ?
Clarity parchment ? Perga glue /Gems
Clarity Black board for groovi
Pergamano tools and snips

Lets get started with the circle shape stamps from numbers stamps I stamped these in black ink

And covered with the masks you get with these stamps

Fix your stencil to the Card using masking tape at the top and bottom to secure with stencil brush for each colour I held my hand at different parts ( higher you hold the brush the lighter the colour then the lower you hold it the more colour you apply ) when you are happy with this go in with a make up sponge to add more colour to the centre of the flowers and where else you might want darker Carefully lift the stencil to see if it is as you would like carefully remove stencil  and remove masks

Remove your masks with promakers you can give this bit more depth of colour but I used the fine nibs and added an out line to the colour stencil image choosing the nearest colours that I had to do this

With the Grovvi club plate I did two butterfly's using groovi tools on the reverse side  my white work on a soft side of the board  Then back to hard side of board but reverse of the parchment colour the two butterfly's in. now with two pin perforating tool and parchment on the right side and perforating mat  go around the outside of the butterfly and with parchment scissors snip both butterfly's out on the one I used for the top took off the antennas  and the little white pieces off I used Perga glue to attach to the card and added gems to antennas

I used the paper from Brighton rock to mount this as I felt the colour and the stripe matched in well hope you enjoyed this card Thank you for visiting my blog hope I will see you soon xx

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