Tuesday, 1 August 2017

My Garden Party

Hello everyone well we are in August already this months Clarity challenge is GARDEN PARTY my thought to this was lots of flowers hope you enjoy what I have made will put list of what I used below

Clarity A4  clear parchment
Groovi starter kit
Groovi boarder plate holder / Border perforating plate
Groovi henna border plate
Clarity groovi tag boarder plate A4 square frame plate with Alphabet
Tina Swirl flower plate A4 square
Clarity Amethyst A5 plate
Pergamano snips / Two perforating tool and single
Perga glue / Faber castell polychrome colour pencils
Clarity light box / Clarity Black board

Can I say before we start rub tumble drier sheet on reverse of parchment will help your tools glide
You do your line work and white work on the side that you wiped your tumble drier sheet
From the front of the parchment you do all your perforating and snipping
Use the soft side of the mat for white work and on separate one with soft side perforating
Hard side board for colouring and line work

Lets get started With tumble drier sheet rub the back of parchment And you use  no 1 tool just do the frame of the square don't do the corners

Sorry forgot to add a photo here of just the dot pattern.  With my border plate holder with perforating plate in and your work on reverse to start with no 1 tool I did my dots started with the four square went 6 holes to the right same then  carried on like this till the end then put next dot so that its just above and to the right of the square once you get going it gets easier making sure their is two missed holes either way with single dot and you will see does match up yes you got it right when first started this pattern made many a mistake I carried on with the whole frame then I turned work over and with singe perforating tool did my four holes
Decided at this point to put a pattern around the outside of the frame using the henna plate then I added dots to this with my boarder perforating plate but on the back so dots rather than holes   With my snipps from the front of the work I cut my crosses

These were one on clear parchment was the photo quality sorry I did 4 of the flowers off the Amethyst plate and jut four heads  on the reverse with the hard side of the board and my pencils coloured these flowers before perforating on the front with two pin perforating tool
 I actually messed up the middle of my frame so thought don't waste this snip the middle out of frame and do another on another piece of parchment but again use the inner boarder of the frame plate now place the flowers from Tina plate where you would like these On the soft side of the board do your white work little at a time leave at the side to rest and come back do more till you are happy with this  And again on reverse with hard board underneath add your colour Now with work on the front and soft perforating mat with two pin perforating tool go around the out side of the frame 
I used the Boarder tags with piece of scrap parchment for this put in my letters from square frame plate and a flower from Amethyst plate on the reverse do your white work on the frame of tag then colour the flower

With two pin perforating tool go around the outside frame and the inside of frame
I put this together using pergo glue and the very thin extra strong double sided tape hope you enjoyed this . Thank you for visiting my blog hope I will see you back here again soon xx

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