Saturday, 30 May 2015

Gone Fishing

Hello every one another month gone by so we are on the next Clarity challenge boys so this is my take on this one these are the products I used to do this
Clarity the other card
The boy fishing with his dog
The gone fishing stamp
Corner pink ruler from Clarity
Distress inks /Weathered wood / Black soot
Stormy sky's/ Adirondack Denim / slate
pencil/micron pen number 04
Blending Brushes
post it notes for masking /make up sponge

 Start by stamping first stamp in the middle then post note it then try stamping the other two equally each side and again mask them
 Stamp your gone fishing then with blending brush go around the area with weathered wood ink then using the make up sponge right in the edges to get more depth
Now Mask off your images so that you can work on the image first do the sky with ink and brush 
With a post it note mask off water using a sponge will get sharper result Also I have tried to vary the middle stamp so they are not all the same I used slate in the sky

 Found this Zentangle book at the NEC to give me some idea as don't find mine any good I did it all in pencil first so that I could just rub out if felt weren't right I used the corner ruler to get my measurement right after doing corners got a bit carried away did the strip across then realised I could write in happy birthday in to did not want to do anymore would look to much but was concerned needed more so I added the lines in as well 
 This is the ruler I used and the pattern I choose which was quite effective but reasonably easy so I hope you have enjoyed this thank you for taking the time to read it xx


  1. Wow, your Tangle is so effective Julie, it really sets off the design. A super card. Hugs.

  2. The zentangle looks good on this card and I like the stamps you have used. Xx

  3. Was not sure if I o Dr done it but thanks x

  4. love this Julie I do like this stamp and what you have done with it and your tangling is great xx

  5. Fantastic 'tangled corners, which finish the card beautifully Julie, you must have great patience. ;~}

  6. Great card Julie. Your Zentangling is very effective. xx

  7. I love that faux dimensional effect you've got just from masking and shading your main images Julie. Brilliant zentangling too. Xxx

  8. Love your card this month Julie, and your blog is great too.
    Your shading makes those images pop and that's fab Zentangling in the corners, I may have to do some research on that book! Carole xxx

  9. Your little trio of fishing pictures is perfectly framed with your black/white Zentangle corners. A great card Julie x

  10. Thank you everyone means a lot to here your nice comments

  11. This is a really striking card - not fussy or overdone, but very beautifully put together - I like the way you've repeated the main stamped image (there's something rather magical about threes, isn't there?!) and the zentangling enhances it wonderfully. Thanks for the step-by-step, too - that always helps to provide inspiration and "ah, that's how she did it" moments. The one thing I'm not quite sure of is the ruler and how you used it?
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hiya Julie. great card. Love how you have used the Gone Fishing stamp. great masking and shading. Isn't the "Theuva" card great to stamp on too. Hugs xx

  13. JOMAHA-Dawn thank you for your lovely comments did not explain myself properly I put the corner of the ruler so that it made a square over my corners counted the amount of lines I wanted then drew around in pencil then went around all corners at this size so they were perfectly even you know how awkward with normal ruler can be so I got all for just right that and the zedtangle did in pencil so I could rub out if did it we on hope I've explain it right now if you need anymore help do let me know and I will try taking photos thanks xx

    1. Ah, yes, I see what you mean. And is that a layer-creating ruler? - My mum has been trying to find a Spellbinders layer creator, but we've not found one yet. Would you recommend yours?
      Many thanks

    2. hope this above helps I don't think I have done layering with it yet but im sure bit does but I use it for many things and find it works better than a normal ruler