Sunday, 13 March 2016

Happy Birthday

Hello everyone this is my choice for mid challenge ALL ABOUT THE GIRLS
I'm am new to the parchment craft so I thought give another go but adding stamp to this project to give a bit of difference so lets begin

Clarity stamp Madeline
Clarity Groovi mini system
Clarity parchment/Clarity groovi system
Butterfly wreath plate
octagon plate /square plate
High Tack tape/ Faber Castell polychrome colour pencils
Versa magic Cloud white chalk ink
Tumble dryer sheet
Pergamno scissors

Lets begin  Stamped my image in white ink pad and left to dry naturally for about half an hour turn parchment over and work on the reverse side rubbing your tumble drier sheet over first so your tools can glide easily

Decide on  your parchment exactly where you want you octagon to start so carry on till you are on the straight of the  shape making sure you do the boarder line same time   do the same the other end then join it up with the straight line from the square plate
Then with the square plate measure it up and do the corners with boarders
The mini groovi system put Happy birthday in
the butterfly plate add parts of the wreath I added couple of the leaves hear and their till you are happy with what you have done
On the reverse still use your  bigger tools  and soft side of mat I did the white work remember don't press  to hard I learnt the hard way light feathery strokes till desired look don't forget  let your work rest in between to stop it buckling
This is my straight grid I'm waiting for my clarity one to come with tape placed on the grid doing every hole on the center piece make sure you do this bit from the front of your work
Now the corners pierce four holes in a square then leave four holes square free its quiet easy when you get into it just don't lose concentration or like me you will put holes in wrong place

then turning over your work add circles in with the bigger ball tool in the squares that you left plain
this I have got into doing love this on the reverse again with the smallest tool and soft side of the mat very gently stipple the corners but don't press to hard or your tool will pierce  couple times is ok but don't want it happening to often now you can colour on the reverse to do your corners place your scissors up right with the tips in the hole bring them down gently then twist and snip doing this on all corner you will get your crosses  I hope you enjoyed this I like doing this very calming thank you for joining  me