Sunday, 1 May 2016


Hello everyone this month Clarity challenge is anything goes so for this part of the challenge I would do a parchment hope you like what I have done I will show you how I produced this piece

Clarity parchment A4
Clarity groovi start system
Groovi club Daisies plate/ occasions boarder  plate /square plate
Lace boarder 2 plate /Clarity straight piercing plate
Clarity club groovi system
Faber castell poloychromo colour pencils /brads

Lets get started

With the square place in the groovi system I used a tumble drier sheet so my tools would glide well I did the largest square first then without moving anything then did the third square in

with the club small groovi system I used the daises plate from Clarity club

I lined up my squares buy moving parchment so I have two equal squares in both corners with boarders around them

Still using mu square plate I made squares in the corners with the lace boarder plate used the heart only in the corners then you will notice further down I put two in the middle of the square all around with the tear drop from boarder added love And the Anniversary

With my piercing plate on the right side of your work ad pricking I did 4 wholes square and 4 space squares and so on

with soft part of my mat on the reverse side of work  added white shading between the pricking plus around the little square boarders then used my smallest tool to do strippling carful not to pierce the work you get nice dotted effect Sorry missed photo out here I put back in my square plate joined up the squares with boarder around to make one large square and still using this plate used smallest square to put another two squares in each corner in the middle of the tiny square I used off the main board what looks like a star
put the daisy heads in the boarders. Then went back in with soft board to put the rest of the white work on the tiny squares I used my smallest tool did this with a scratching effect just in the corners  turn board over to hard side to do colouring in don't forget to let your work rest doing to much white work in one go will make it buckle I learnt the hard way

With your scissor with a twisting motion cut your crosses best to practice on old piece of parchment first
Hope you enjoyed this please come back to my blog again Thank you


  1. A beautiful parchment design you have put so much work into it. Xx

  2. Loving the design concept Julie. Very well executed too. Nice and colourful. Hugs xx

  3. So many different facets to your work, Julie - every time I look, I see something else. Beautiful. ;~}

  4. Fabulous card Julie. I love your frame/border, and the mix of floral and geometric. Very clever. Xxx

    1. Thank you Barbara one of them pieces that was growing as I was doing it lol x

  5. fabulous card Julie I love your design - its made for lots of interesting "bits" xx