Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Happy Birthday

Hello everyone this is my take on this months Clarity challenge FLOWER POWER I decided to use Jaynes roses for this I have put a list of what I used below

Clarity groovi starter kit
Clarity boarder holder
Clarity banner plate
Clarity Square plate
Clarity boarder pricking pattern plate
Clarity ivory tones parchment
Parchment scissor
Brads / fine extra strong double sided tape
Clarity sticky tags / tumble drier sheet
Promarker spice /Pricking tool
Claritys black parchment board

Lets start On the darker side of the parchment use your tumble drier sheet so your tools glide
you do all you line work and whitening on this side And your colouring  You only pick holes and do your cutting from the front of your work  With the board you use the soft side for white work and piercing only  
So with the boarder unit add your banner plate And with the finer end of your tool add this in the middle of parchment  

With the starter kit and rose plate work out where you want the first rose
now turn your work around and do the same on the other side

Back to main boarder plate and pricking pattern boarder plate still on the reverse with the other side of the tool add the white dots when you have completed this turn over your board to the soft side and your parchment and prick in the holes in the centre of each dot still using your boarder plate

With your banner plate go back in on the reverse side and put your happy birthday in with the fine tool again

With your parchment scissors Have them flat going in to the two holes and twist slightly as you cut going around on this four holes till you have your cross

With a promarker I coloured on the reverse of the parchment the letters doing this on the hard side of board as you can see I have started my white work here with soft strokes with the largest ball tool remember not to press to hard little at a time and rest the work did the white work over a course of three days and must be done on soft side of board important to rest work other wise will buckle and their is no cure for this

Now I decided it needed something else so I put the square plate in and added the square just inside the boarder yes the area was to big but if you move the square plate around making sure you have it back in the grooves properly can make it a square, again still doing white work
I hope you enjoyed this Thank you for visiting my blag hope I see you back here again soon


  1. This is stunning Julie. Such a super step by step instruction. Will plagurise if you don't object. Crafty hugs.

  2. Thank you Margiemac no carry on would like to see how your one comes out xx