Sunday, 5 March 2017

Polar bears

Hello everyone this months Clarity challenge if MAN'S WORLD I choose the polar bears from the Clarity club to do this I like these but must admit my first time using them I will list what I used below
Clarity groovi starter kit
Clarity club frame but the Adapter can be used
Polar bears plate / Large circle and square plates / Square Deckle plate
Clarity boarder frame /Clarity pattern plate
Clarity Stencil brush
Clarity teal parchment/ brads
Distress ink pads Broken glass / faded jeans
Thick copy paper /Clarity stencil stars and circles
Clarity light box / pergamano embossing mat

Lets get started

use a tumble drier sheet over the parchment on the side that will be doing all your work from so your tools will glide easier with starter kit and circle plate I put in the outside ring missed a gap put in the next but at this point you could put all three circles in just something decided later to do

With smaller plate holder add your polar bears
Now going to say this with lettering we all make the mistake I have before now got my letter in wrong direction so I am always watching this now so much I put birthday in upside down So anyway I used the letter from the boarder holder then went to square plate and added angled lines to the writing

Top and bottom of the circles I used the square plate to do design then with the circle plate added the inner circles to the out sides of the big circle From the pattern plate add in your waves  
Now your white work I used the embossing mat, for this start with the larger tool don't press to hard this part takes time and patient its rest the work in between don't worry the white will come up we have all tried to do to much at time then it buckles so rest I decided between the circles I would add the dots do not with the tool just go around as you will get a dot in the middle that wont go white try going in a up down then a cross motion before going around if not sure always try out on a piece of scrap parchment  With the letters decided to whiten every other one The outer circles I added stippling to this still with embossing mat 1.5 tool very lightly taped the parchment but don't press to hard as you will go through this

With a piece of copy paper I went all over with large stencil brush and broken china my faded jeans pad has dried up a lot so was handy for this dabbed it all over till was happy now attach your stencil with a make up sponge and broken china add the stars and circles till I was happy when dry cut to size I needed attached the rested parchment with brads then glued this to navy card  hope you enjoyed this thank you for reading my blog hope I will see you again soon