Saturday, 1 April 2017

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Hello everyone this months Clarity challenge is ALL ABOUT THE WORDS This is what I came up with for this theme hope you like this I will list what I used below

Clarity northern lights papers
Clarity clear non coloured parchment
Clarity groovi starter kit
Groovi butterfly wreath plate /Floral circle plate
Scallop circle and the square  plates /Straight square pricking plate
Diagonal boarder piercing plate 3
Boarder plate mate
Tumble dryer sheet
Embossing tools Parchment snips /Faber Castell polochromo colour pencils
Clarity light box Pergomano
Pergamano soft purple mat /Clarity sticky tags

Before we start Can I remind anyone who does not know the workings of parchment That you do all your scoreing and embossing on the reverse of  parchment and use your tumble dryer sheet on this side. Any piercing or cutting is done on the front  you do your white work on the soft side of board colouring on the hard side the more we do these things the more we remember

Lets get started With the starter kit I used the little boxes and the letters I put these in first using my number 1 tool for sharp colour

Now placed the scallop circle in plate mate  make sure you try get this in the middle now with the scallop square put in your square around the circle   giving yourself a boarder
  Add the floral circle to the plate mate sits just right so you do not have to move it around

Now add your butterfly

On the reverse side still but with tool one  and boarder pricking plate I added my patterns embossing not pricking Now change to straight pricking plate prick from front of work pierce every whole between letter boxes and the centre work

This is what should look like now

I did my butterfly on scrap piece of parchment for my decoupage

Add white work remember don't press to hard little at a time let the work rest for at least a day  so it does not buckle and keep building on the whiteness will come Now I have coloured all the work to what I wanted

I am not expert at picot edging so where I could I used the straight pricking grid go to admit this was my best so far at this what is it they say practise make perfect found the butterfly harder but managed to do this using the twin tool remember when you use your snips or scissors hold them down and twist before cut each time I used glue dot to add my butterfly to my work I did not have the glue at this stage I used the northern lights papers which felt it gave this work just that bit more colour hope you enjoyed this Thank you for visiting my blog hope I will see you again soon

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