Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Flying high

Hello everyone this is my project for the Clarity groovi challenge FLYING HIGH I have to admit I did not know where I was going with one so you will see have gone back on myself as I decided to add decoupage to this which is feel brought it out more but like a lot of us I am still learning I did my boarder work first will list what I used below

Clarity groovi starter kit
Clarity groovi boarder holder
Clarity straight boarder pricking pattern plate 1
Clarity hill plate
Groovi feathered friends plate /Squared scalloped plate
Number two pricking tool /Pergamano  scissors
Faber castell polychrome pencils
Clarity light box /Clarity Parchment
Pergmano purple embossing mat
Pergamano glue

Before we start use a tumble dryer sheet on the side of parchment that you will be scoring or whitening from the front side of parchment you do your pricking and snipping only

Lets get started
I did the boarder first started at the bottom with the pricking pattern plate did the square pattern each row I moved the parchment up so the pattern was in place leaving the gap I found this easier way for myself if I moved the boarder plate around the parchment found never matched up to what I wanted so this was my solution then when I had what I wanted then went inside each corner of the pattern put another square in each corner for different effect
Now I added my flying bird using the starter kit. and added a boarder around inside of pattern and out side using the square scalloped thin edge  

 Add in your hills and sun Now on the reverse of the parchment still on your embossing mat add your white work do remember to do little bits at a time don't press to hard the white work will come up but you do not want it to buckle

I've shown you a more close up of the pattern so you can see that the white work is coming on but leave for a day if you can

Once you are happy with how white you have this you can start snipping out the pieces but remember you do this from the front put scissors in the holes not to far twist to the left then snip practice on scrap parchment if still not sure

I coloured my work then decided I want to decoupage this
So back to the birds and scrap parchment

Now with my twin pricking tool went all around the pieces of the wings an head that I wanted I added these the  main card with peragamano glue I hope you enjoyed this project thank you for visiting my blog hope to see you again soon x

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