Thursday, 1 December 2016

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone  we are almost at  Christmas. This year gone so fast This months Clarity challenge is CAROL SINGING & CHRISTMAS JOY Hope you enjoy my blog lets get started with the materials I used

Clarity light box
Clarity powder blue parchment
Clarity groovi system
Clarity groovi  Jayne's frame plate
Clarity small Twas the night 5 cat window plate
Clarity straight pricking plate
Gems /pinflair glue gel /double sided strong thing tape
Promarker / Faber castell polychrome colour pencils
Clarity mistletoe stamp
White card
Clarity club groovi system
Clarity pricking boarder Diagonal no 1  / parchment scissors
Tumble dryer sheet /soft and the hard sided mat
Distress ink pad Chipped sapphire

Lets get started

I used my light box   rub the darker side of the blue parchment this is the side you will work on except when picking you then turn the parchment to  the front
So on the reverse side attach you parchment to the frame plate using the smallest tool draw the frame   

Now with you club groovi system or if you have an adapter for small plates add the twas Christmas plate again with the smallest tool draw around

you now want your boarder pricking plate but still want to use this on the reverse  Using slightly bigger tool as we want to use the pricking boarder to emboss now you have done this turn the parchment over and with pricking mat underneath prick in between the diamonds. Now back to reverse side o0f parchment  on the frame plate you have Merry Christmas put this at the top of your frame and using the line on frame plate put box around this

Now all the rest you do from the front with pricking tool and straight pricking plate start at the edge prick four holes in a square the miss four holes so you leave the same amount gaps between them all. Now back to reverse side and soft mat underneath use the larger tool and to do the white work between each cross don't press to hard softly softly you can go back over later to make it whiter don't forget to let this rest I did a bit to much in one go so tended to curl

Do all your colouring on a hard side of mat. use your blue promarker to go around the gaps in the frame on the reverse side of parchment and colour the rest with your pencils now the cutting out with your parchment scissors do the cutting of the crosses from the front of your work making sure you give your scissors a little twist as you cut
I did my back ground with white card and distress chipped  sapphire blue and mistletoe stamp my ink pad is very low on ink so gave me just the right amount of ink if ink pad is to wet blot then add to card so I filled card all over
I backed the parchment onto pearl blue card with strong thin double sided tape just where the cat is then added small dot of pinflair glue gel to corners then added the gems with pinflair to the corners now attach this to the back ground I did not show all the background as I had trouble taking a photo of all of it as the middle did not show enough hope you enjoyed this thank you for visiting my blog hope to see you  here again soon  xx


  1. Julie, I echo your sentiment - this year has flown - or are we ageing faster than we'd like? Such intense, intricate work in your card - well done, You! It's lovely. I don't think my patience would stretch to as much work, that's why I no longer knit, sew or crotchet. LOL. ;~}

    1. Thank you I knit and crochet as well x

  2. Beautiful parchment card Julie. I also wouldn't have the patience to do all that work. Happy Christmas x

    1. Thank you Lesley merry Christmas to you and your Family x